Healthy Energy for Recovery in Care Catering

Care catering breakfast in hospital

Care catering in hospitals and homes for the elderly

Compared to ever day meals enjoyed at home or in restaurants, hospitals and care homes need to offer a light diet. This is why a diverse and reliable menu is an important requirement for the recovery and well-being of patients and guests of these establishments. Müller Menü covers all these areas and requirements. Our menu components can be stored efficiently and prepared quickly. The use of our products in hospitals enables time-efficient and delicious catering for patients, guests and employees.

Culinary extras for private patients

With the complete menus of Müller Menü care caterers and hospital kitchens can expand their menus easily at any time, for example by offering additional selections for private patients or flexible catering solution for patients who have only been admitted after the regular dinner time. Offer your patients and guests an extensive selection of delicious, high-quality and healthy meals at any time with Müller Menü.

Flexible supply for health care personnel and doctors

Supplier for care catering and hospital canteens

Supplier for care catering and hospital canteens

With Müller Menü as a partner health care personnel and doctors can look forward to a delicious, warm meal any time including during late night shifts. In order to avoid long waiting periods and cold food, hospitals and care establishments use our fresh menus which can be prepared quickly and easily around the clock.

Our current menu plan can be found here.