Certificates of Müller Menü

Müller Menü’s certificates are available for download here.

fssc certificate

Product Safety

The “Food Safety System Certification 22000” (FSSC 22000) is a standard for verification of safety for production and processing of food. Müller Menü fulfils this ISO-standard for the manufacturing and distribution of menu components, menus, delicacies and desserts (pasteurised, cooled, frozen). Our food safety management system is reviewed annually by an external certification body.

Download: FSSC 22000

Organic Food Certificate

Organic Food Certificate

The enactment (EWG) No. 834/2007 defines how products and foodstuffs have to be manufactured in order to be classed as organic. Müller Menü fulfils these standards for all organic products such as stews, meat dishes, menu components, ready meals, sauces and soups. The standards for the certificate are reviewed annually.

Download: Organic certificate

CO² emission avoidance certificate

Environment Protection & Sustainability

The acquisition of green energy is certified by the utility company. The switch to green energy in 2011 has saved approximately 312 tons of CO² emission each year.

Download: Green electricity

CO² avoidance
The resources that we use in for packaging are mostly recyclable and environmentally safe according to the climate protection certificate, and save over 37,000 kilograms of global warming gases when recycled. The certificate for the previous year is issued at the end of the year.

Download: Recycling