Brotprinz – Ciabatta Snacks from Müller Menü

Brotprinz Tasty Italy: Ciabatta snack with mediterranean meat filling

Brotprinz Tasty Italy: Ciabatta snack with mediterranean meat filling

The round ciabatta bread from the Brotprinz product line are baked using only flour, bio-yeast, salt and water – and that’s why they taste so good! There are three varieties with different filling to choose from: American BBQ with mince and a smoky character; Tasty Italy with a Mediterranean mince filling; or the vegetarian Mr Green with cottage cheese and ratatouille.

Brotprinz is a high quality, frozen convenience product. You can store them easily and the preparation can be done in a grill, oven, or a high speed grill. With Brotprinz there is hardly any effort required in the planning and preparation of tasty snacks, making it an ideal menu addition for customers requiring filling and tasty treat during peak seasons.

Serving suggestions for Brotprinz snacks

Brotprinz ciabatta snack vegetarian with feta cheese and ratatouille

Brotprinz Mr Green: Vegetarian ciabatta snack with feta cheese and ratatouille

These filled ciabatta breads can be prepared as snacks, finger foods, or as a proper meal with extra side dishes. The Brotprinz can be cut in half or into quarters and be served on a plate or in a snack bag. For the Tasty Italy and Mr Green versions, you can offer a salad side dish including cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves and olives. For the American BBQ you can offer tortilla-chips, gherkins and barbecue-sauce. However, there is also no harm in letting your imagination go wild with curry sauces, sour cream, pesto or crème fraiche – after all: the Brotprinz is a diverse snack to suit every taste.

Advertising media

For the Brotprinz range, Müller Menü offers table and counter stand up displays in A4 and A5 formats. In order for you to sample this exciting product easily and without risks, the inventors of the Brotprinz range offer large advertising banners and contact grills for rent if needed.

Offer your guests delicious, warm ciabatta snacks without long waiting periods

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