Our Sauces Dot Every I and Cross Every T

Our porcino cream sauce greatly tops meat dishes

Our porcino cream sauce greatly tops meat dishes

Sauces bring together all ingredients of a meal and refine the taste experience. With sauces you can create a number of different dishes of many varieties with nothing more complex than a plate of pasta. The preparation of a sauce for a restricted amount of dishes can be time consuming and therefore uneconomic. With Müller Menü we provide sauces for meat, fish, pasta and wok dishes. Brand new: We also have dips and marinades now.

Meat sauces

The name is self-explanatory: Whether chausseur sauce, currywurst sauce, beef sauce or marinated pot roast sauce, we offer the perfect complement for a lot of meat dishes.

Our genuine mango curry sauce is ideal for fish dishes

Our genuine mango curry sauce is ideal for fish dishes

Fish sauces

Our sauces for fish dishes are prepared with a lemon or horseradish base. Also, don’t forget to try our new delicious dill sauce.

Sauces for pasta dishes

Our selection of pasta sauces is extensive with our range including classic Bolognese sauces, vegetable sauces, Napoli style tomato sauces, Arrabiata sauces with olives, a popular ham and cream carbonara sauces. Delicious gorgonzola and green pesto sauces top our offer for pasta dishes off.

Wok sauces

Asian dishes with their wok fried vegetables are hugely popular in our part of town. At Müller Menü you are spoilt for choice when it comes to our Asian style sauces, which are available in a range of quantities. Be sure to try our sweet and sour sauce with ginger and sesame, the tasty Curry-coconut-sauce, or our red Szechuan Sauce.

Dips and marinades

The recipe for our delicious Mojo sauce comes from the Canaries which fits perfectly with fish, meat and potato dishes. Also on offer is our Argentinian Chimichurri, which perfectly complements beef dishes.

Refine your main dish and starter with the sauces of Müller Menü – your guests will appreciate it.