From the canteen to the modern manufactory

Motivated employees and safe production

Motivated employees and safe production

In the late 1950s businessman Johannes Müller founded a canteen business under the name “Fernverpflegung Hamburg-Harburg”. The business developed quickly to an established menu delivery service in the greater Hamburg area and provided employees of businesses, factories and offices with freshly cooked menus every day.

In 1970 a new production facility was built in Seevetal. From 1978 Wolfgang Müller took over the leadership of the company and developed it further over the decades with many innovative improvements turning it into a modern production company for cold and frozen foods. In 1986 the company became the “Großküche Wolfgang Müller GmbH & Co. KG” and since 2009 we operate as Müller Menü GmbH & Co. KG.

Safe future for production, clients and employees

Premises of Müller Menü GmbH

Premises of Müller Menü GmbH south of Hamburg

In the year 2000 the new factory of Müller Menü in Seevetal was put into operation in accordance to modern guidelines and quality standards. As an innovative manufactory we offer a diverse supply of high-convenience-products for gastronomies, canteens, caterers and other client groups.

With the Müller Menü Catering GmbH & Co. KG we run a subsidiary company which is a special service provider for canteens and company restaurants. Thereby the business group keeps a constant practical reference to the demands and the needs of the clients.

The family business Müller Menü employs over 50 employees and is lead by the third generation Oliver and Andrew Müller.