Poultry: A Welcome Addition to the Menu

We know the origins of our quality poultry

We know the origins of our quality poultry

Chicken, turkey and duck are as popular menu components as our beef and pork products. For example, we offer prime cut chicken fricassee with mushroom, chicken breast and turkey cuts combined with a delicious curry-sauce, and, in the winter, our oven cooked duck with a separate package of sauce.

Poultry from Müller Menü – a good alternative to beef and pork

Chicken fricassee 'Gärtnerin-Art'

Chicken fricassee 'Gärtnerin-Art' from Müller Menü

We know where our poultry comes from. Müller Menü has a lasting partnership with providers whose quality matches our own high standards. In combination with professional, gentle preparation and diligent care in all levels of the production, we offer our clients a high number of delicious and digestible poultry dishes.