Environmental Responsibility at Müller Menü

Environmental responsibility

We care for the environment

From employee training to investment planning, material procurement and disposal to transport logistics; environmental safety and sustainability play important roles in every one of our business decisions. Wherever possible, and whenever economically justifiable, new environmentally friendly technologies are used in the manufacturing of our products. Accordingly, we promote the economical use of operating materials, use environmentally and resource friendly production and storage methods, and carefully manage all waste and wastewater. We fulfil our environmental responsibilities at every level of our company.

Diligent Environmental Protection

Müller Menü's vans are powered by natural gas

Müller Menü's vans are powered by natural gas

In 1994 we became one of the first German businesses to operate using environmentally friendly vehicles with natural gas propulsion. The switch to green energy in 2011 has saved approximately 312 tons of CO2-emission each year, while all our packaging is recyclable. In addition to this, Müller Menü is currently working with 15 suppliers situated within Hamburg’s immediate surrounding area. By doing this, we not only guarantee maximum freshness of our products, but also contribute to a better eco-balance through shorter transportation routes.