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Alsatian 'Flammkuchen' spread

Alsatian 'Flammkuchen' spread

Müller Menü knows that "To-Go" products are very much part of the zeitgeist. With our lovingly composed spreads and fillings you can prepare attractive snacks quickly and easily even in small kitchens. Rely on the high convenience products from Müller Menü and complement your range of creative idea with spreads and fillings that are ideal for bistros and bakeries alike.

Ideal for quiches, baguettes and pasta

Our hearty range of spreads and fillings including sour cream and onion and diced ham are the ideal complement for baked buns, baguettes, pizza doughs and Flammkuchen and can be created in minutes for your hungry guests. Our white cheese and vegetable spread is also suitable for heating and you can also use it to fill for pastries and pastas.

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