The Müller Menü Philosophy

Our management team strives to ensure transparency and accountability for our clients and our employees. Our future direction is determined by the following principles of our business philosophy.

The Client Always Comes First

Provider of menues and menue components for system gastronomy

To the satisfaction of our clients and their guests

As a reliable supplier we want to serve our clients with high-quality and safe products. We are happy to cater to your individual needs and will do everything we can to develop a continuous bond of trust. Ensuring lasting client relationships and promoting an active exchange of information are therefore essential to us.

The Most Precious Commodity at Müller Menü: Our Employees

The management takes its employee care seriously and cultivates a strong environment of partnership amongst the entire team. They are the most valued resources in the realisation of our client orientated approach and the basis of our company’s success. Every employee contributes towards achieving the company’s goals and ethical principles are strictly followed. Good working conditions and social responsibility are the basis of a trusting cooperation. Motivated, well-educated and skilled employees contribute towards high-quality production within a safe working environment. Furthermore, we constantly enhance the abilities of our employees through an extensive orientation period and focused training measures.

The Müller Menü Standards: Quality Control and Client Information

Motivated employees and safe production

Motivated employees and safe production

In order meet production demands, the management provides all essential resources. Through systematic production planning and continuous process monitoring we want to achieve the best product quality. We obligate ourselves to fulfil all demands concerning product safety and product authenticity, which is why Müller Menü abstains from using flavour enhancers, preservatives and artificial aromas. The quality features of our products are itemised and the recipe is strictly maintained. We inform our clients about origin, composition, preparation, storage and other relevant product features and in doing so promise that each of our products meet all legal regulations and can be enjoyed without hesitation.

Carefully Selected Suppliers are the Basis of a High Quality Standard

Immaculate quality, value for money, flexibility, reliability and the adherence of environmental and legal practices are amongst our criteria when choosing our suppliers. Within each of our collaborations we focus on partnership and continuity. Our suppliers are regularly monitored by means of a supplier assessment.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility

Responsibility for the Environment: The Müller Menü Way

We continuously improve our performance in order to reduce and avoid pollution. Wherever practically and economically feasible we also use new production technologies, and continuously ensure that our products are manufactured within environmentally friendly conditions. Accordingly, we promote the economical use of operating materials, use environmentally and resource friendly production and storage methods, and carefully manage all waste and wastewater. We fulfil our environmental responsibilities at every level of our company.

Market and Competition

The constant growth of market demands requires the continuous optimisation of competitiveness. With our management system we ensure that important improvement potentials in all areas of our service are identified and integrated into our methods of operation. We assess our management system regularly and constantly review the successes of our objectives.

Safety Standards and Precautions

Should there be a loss of production; affected clients are informed immediately via emergency telephone calls. In the event of such situations, complete traceability enables us to issue a quick re-call of defective products. Errors and inadequacies are put on record and meticulously analysed in order to prevent them happening again in the future.

The adherence of legal obligations and practices of the food law, employment and environmental protection, as well as official orders is paramount to us.