Soups & Stews for Every Taste

Tomatoe soup as a starter or main course

Fresh tomatoe soup as a starter or main course

Within the latest Müller Menü’s latest catalogue you will find a variety of different soup and stew dishes to choose from including goulash, leek cream, tomato soup, Italian minestrone, carrot and ginger, coconut soup, "Tom Kha" with yellow curry, Indonesian Bihun, and Soljanka. This is not to mention classics such as wedding soup, asparagus and cream of vegetable soups which are also represented in our fine range.


Important menu component: Soups

Our soups are among the most popular dishes in the Müller Menü range and can be easily combined as an excellent appetizer with the other menu components. Additionally, large portions make delicious and filling main courses by themselves.


Hearty and flavoursome: Stews from Müller Menü

Swede stew with meat

Swede stew with meat

With our selection of stews we offer our current catalogue offers a wide range of traditional stew dishes including white beans with smoked pork, chili con carne, beans and beef stew, rich potato soup and much more.


Stews: Delicious and filling main courses

The difference between soups and stews lies mainly in their composition and the greater degree of saturation of stews – meaning there is simply more of our great ingredients! The stews of Müller Menü needn’t only be enjoyed during the winter months as their quick and easy preparation makes them a customer favourite all year round.