Beef Menu Components – Only the Best of Beef

Menu components with beef

Menu components with beef

When compiling dishes from the different menu components, the quality of each individual portion is taken into account. With our beef products we offer finely prepared classic dishes that our clients can easily combine with a side order to create a delicious complete menu. There is a wide selection of beef dishes offered by Müller Menü including Hungarian goulash, beef goulash, homemade beef roulade with sauce, lobscouse with beef brisket, Rhenish style marinated beef, and the ever popular beef stroganoff with strips of beef.

Home Cooking from Müller Menü

Stuffed cabbage

Hand-rolled: Stuffed cabbage with beef

For lovers of home cooking we offer a delicious selection of meals sure to delight your guests over and over again including beef and pork mince, homemade meatballs, hand set cabbage roulades in sauce, and “Königsberger Klopse” in capers sauce.