In Tune with the Times: Our Experimental Kitchen

We at Müller Menü perceive ourselves as a manufacturer: We are not a big, un-flexible industrial establishment. Our “handmade” food offers something different from mass-produced products. This is why we are able to design our menus dynamically and flexibly. The creative chefs from our experimental kitchen are inspired by national and international trends and the development of new products, while all the time remaining true to our core values: “Fresh and natural”. The traditional approach of our family business guarantees that we can produce and deliver quickly and in line with the market.

Experimental Kitchen

Developping new styles: Our experimental cuisine

Product development for our clients

In our experimental kitchen we gather the suggestions and wishes of our clients and turn them into exclusive products. Whether you need an individual Tarte Flambee spread with a new recipe for your system-catering, or a modern and exotic cutlet for the new “Langusten-Burger”: Müller Menü is the ideal producer and supplier of exclusive dishes and menu components that are sure to delight your guests and clients. Contact us today!