Ready-to-eat Meals & Rations for Difficult Conditions

Rations catering from the field kitchen

Mobile catering of rations from the field kitchen

The catering for teams of firemen, public social aid workers, Federal Armed Forces, and medical service workers during operations or manoeuvres can often be problematic. The tasks of a field kitchen fall under the term community catering, and have to comply with all the legitimate requirements and demands of a secure production, including meeting certain hygienic standards such as HACCP. Under these conditions, many hygienic arrangements of a standard canteen kitchen, such as continuous temperature-documentation, are difficult to implement. Another typical problem of a field kitchen is the lack of space: There are only few stoves, which often aren’t enough for the cooking of complex meals with several components. If a dish is prepared with three components (meat, sauce, vegetables), capacities are often already at their limit. The preparation of an additional soup or an alternative menu for vegetarians is not possible.

Our solution: Practical and hygienic boil-in-bag packages

preparation of communal feeding on a mission

Preparation of communal feeding on a mission

The menus and menu components of Müller Menü offer an ideal solution such problems: Our products are manually prepared in the classical way, as it would be at the field kitchen. However, we produce under the optimal conditions of a canteen kitchen, which fulfils all the required hygiene standards. Afterwards, the meals are packed into boil-in-bag-packages and frozen. With boil-in-bag packages, many different meals and components can be heated on a stove with hot water at the same time. The meals need only be unpacked for serving, ensuring hygienic preparation every step of the way. This way, chefs can make full use of their resources make the troops happy with delicious and diverse meals. Another advantage is that storing these meals is easy: The products have a lifespan of approximately one year and can be stored easily in any commercially available freezer.

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