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High-Quality Convenience Products

Welcome to Müller Menü!

Public appreciation for nutritious foods and healthy diets has significantly increased over recent years, which is a very pleasing trend. At the same time, however, production times and costs have also increased, presenting many businesses with a number of logistical challenges.

In Müller Menü you have the ideal partner. We are a third-generation family managed business that places a great deal of importance on maintaining a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation. In doing so we keep quality, sustainability and environmental safety close to our heart. We prepare our products to the highest standards in terms of quality and accuracy in order to support your business in the pursuit of its goals. This is how we participate in the success of our clients.

Modern Production on Hamburg’s Doorstep


We provide you with time and cost saving solutions and guarantee to satisfy the highest of demands across all areas. Our practical packaging technology and reliable logistical planning define our service as much as the freshness, quality and excellent taste of our products. As a long term and dependable partner we provide you with a personal and flexible service tailored to specifically to your needs. Müller Menü places great value on the consumer: The satisfaction of your guests is the foundation of our common success.


Products and Solutions for Gastronomy and Catering


There is a wide-range of demands within the gastronomy industry nowadays. In system-catering the focus is on simple product-handling, for care-catering an economic mode of operation is important, while in community-catering solutions for reliable, around-the-clock-supply are in demand. As a component supplier Müller Menü supports different gastronomy concepts:

Trust our many years of experience and know-how!


Your Partner for Convenience Products: Müller Menü


On the following pages you will find a detailed overview of our products. These include soup and stew dishes, menu components such as meats, vegetables and side orders, as well as a variety of sauces. We round off our repertoire with fresh complete menus, innovative spreads and fillings, and organic products. Our current catalogue is available for download now, while you can also contact our helpful sales team who will happily develop an offer that is specifically tailored to suit your individual needs.

Your Müller Menü Team