Partner for System Gastronomy & Franchise Restaurants

Supplier for system gastronomy businesses

Supplier for system gastronomy businesses: Müller Menü

Do you need 600kg potato bake and 300 portions of beef goulash per week for your branch restaurant? Your guests love your special homemade Flammkuchen-spread but you can’t satisfy the increasing demand with your current resources? Then trust Müller Menü: As an experienced provider for system gastronomy and franchise companies we prepare menu components freshly and naturally, no matter how large the demand. We deliver reliably and punctually at all times to your branch and franchisee across the whole of Germany and can recreate individual recipes according to even the strictest of guidelines of our customers. Our FSSC-certified kitchen produces consistently high-quality and delicious tasting meals every time.

Fresh menu components: Inconspicuous helpers of system gastronomy

Partner for franchise restaurant chains

Müller Menü: Reliable partner for franchise restaurant chains

Menu components and fresh menus from Müller Menü’s wide selection can be combined to create a number of varied dishes that are the perfect addition to the daily fresh production of your own kitchen. Take advantage of our range of different soups, numerous fish and meat dishes, or sauces in the compilation of your individual daily menus, and combine them with vegetable side dishes, rice dishes, pasta dishes, or potato bakes to create delicious menus. With Müller Menü you can create efficient menus without having to prepare all the components yourself. We are the reliable partner for system and franchise gastronomy.

Here you can find our latest catalogue with menu components, complete menusand more. If you would like an individual consultation, please contact our team.